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A garage conversion can be a great addition to your home, turning an old garage into a brand new room that can be adapted to suit many different purposes. Being able to convert a utility room into added living space brings a lot of benefits – but you need to plan the entire process out carefully.

We at National Garage Conversions can offer a range of garage conversion options in Coulsdon, allowing you to get a new room prepared that can fill a variety of roles. Even the simplest of garage conversions can give you a lot more new floor space to enjoy, which can be perfect for further conversion into a dedicated living space or hobby area.

Our garage conversion options are some of the best in the entire UK, and have been enjoyed by a range of past clients in Coulsdon who all had their own specific needs.

If you’re not sure what you want to do with your existing garage, then our experts can help guide you towards a garage conversion that works for you. Simply get in touch with us by filling out the contact form to receive an email from our specialists.

Who Are We?

National Garage Conversions was formed from a team of garage conversion specialists in Coulsdon, each with a wide range of skills relating to garage conversion work. We have worked with countless past clients across hundreds of individual garage conversion projects, each one completely bespoke and unique.

We have a huge variety of experience on offer, with each garage conversion specialist in our team in Coulsdon bringing something new to the table. Our expertise in the garage conversion field has allowed us to tackle all kinds of projects, offering a huge range of conversions that other companies can’t.

Whether you want tiny changes or a complete overhaul of an existing garage, we can provide it. We’re fully prepared to turn your garage into a habitable space, open up more connections to the main house, cover over the existing concrete floor, or even convert your entire Coulsdon garage into a completely new space.

Why Choose Us for Your Garage Conversion?

Our garage conversion specialist team in Coulsdon can provide all of the best garage conversion work available in the market. We know all relevant DIY garage conversion trends, as well as places to source important materials, and we’re able to offer entirely bespoke work for each and every client.

We put quality first, aiming to keep each garage conversion as high-quality as possible. Whether we’re turning your garage into a living space or just a utility room, we want each conversion to be safe, comfortable, and a perfect fit for our client’s requirements.

Whenever we take on another garage conversion job in Coulsdon, we make sure to handle it as bespoke work. We work with each client to figure out what they want and need, planning a conversion that will satisfy their preferences and requirements without pushing over their budget.

Countless past Coulsdon clients have walked away satisfied with our work, and we’ve taken on a wide range of unconventional garage conversion tasks. In each conversion, we can be as involved or as passive as necessary – we have helped many clients throughout the entire process, from the first draft of the plans to the final safety checks.

Over 15 Years of Experience Building Garage Conversions

As a company, National Garage Conversions have over 15 years of garage conversion experience. These 15 years have given us a long time to build up even more experience, and our current team are well-equipped to deal with a range of garage conversion work in Coulsdon.

We have installed conversions at thousands of properties in Coulsdon, from residential homes to commercial businesses and industrial facilities. We offer flexible and varied work, providing the best garage conversion for each client according to their needs.

Each client we work with has their own preferences and goals, and we want to see those goals realised. No matter what you want to do with the existing structure of your garage, we can help you find the perfect option for your own garage and home.

Accredited Garage Conversion Company Coulsdon

Our work is both accredited and fully certified. As garage conversion specialists, we’ve been able to do business with major companies, and possess the relevant licenses to do our garage conversion work at a professional level.

Beyond that, we make sure that each garage conversion matches the relevant safety standards covering the whole UK. Whether we’re heavily modifying an existing structure or just making small garage changes, we make sure to observe any important safety information and to ensure that we don’t overstep any legal bounds.

We take each conversion seriously. Even the simplest of Coulsdon conversion work needs to be handled well and kept to a high standard of quality, and we ensure that our conversions are consistently high-quality and safe.

Types of Garage Conversions We Offer

Our garage conversion work can cover a massive range of conversion options, all of which can split off into near-infinite bespoke possibilities. This gives us a huge amount of flexibility in the conversions that we create, but we still need to have an idea of what each client wants to be done with their garage.

Here are some of the most basic forms of Coulsdon garage conversion that we can do. All of these are open to a lot of adaptions and alterations, depending on what the client wants and how they would like their converted space to look and function.

Attached Garage Conversions Coulsdon

Attached garage conversions are based around an existing garage attacked to your home. Since this tend to already have a door to the main house, they can easily be turned into an entirely new space that’s integrated into your home directly.

About attached conversions

These are a great way to gain more extra living space, and it isn’t too difficult to turn a garage into a habitable room with a few changes. This tends to be one of the simplest garage conversion project options, requiring the least amount of work to convert a whole garage space.

An attached garage also doesn’t usually need that much change in terms of structure, which dramatically cuts down the overall costs of the conversion work. As long as you have necessary elements for a liveable room (like natural light), the conversion can be as simple as insulating the walls and changing the flooring.

Integral Garage Conversions Coulsdon

Integral conversions are even cheaper than an attached converted garage, since the garage is also built within your home. This usually means that the garage is already partially surrounded by other rooms, limiting the amount of work you need to do.

About Integral conversion

Integral conversions might have limitations in terms of how far you can alter the wall space (since the walls are serving as the walls of other rooms), but this also makes them very cheap and relatively simple. Some can even be turned into a liveable space with little more than some basic floor covering changes.

These also usually don’t need any form of planning permission, since you’re changing nothing about your building externally. At most, you might remove the garage door, something that is a standard part of many garage conversions anyway.

Detached Garage Conversions Coulsdon

Detached conversions are more expensive than the others, since a detached garage is separate from the main house. This means that you’re effectively converting an entire small building, which often requires more changes to turn it into a liveable and comfortable area.

About Detached conversions

While detached garage spaces require a lot of effort, they also have the most potential of all garage types. Since they’re completely detached, they can be treated like a separate house altogether, meaning that you can do almost anything to the garage without impacting the main house.

This means that many people turn them into an entirely separate living space, a home office, some guest apartments, or even a hobby space. While the garage conversion costs might be higher compared to other options, you also have far fewer limitations, and some people even rent their converted garage spaces out for profit.

Detached conversions are incredibly versatile. A large garage, like a detached double garage, could even be turned into more than one liveable space, or used to construct a small home on your property for guests and family to use.

Double Garage Conversions Coulsdon

A double garage is essentially a larger garage, often with two separate doors. This means that you have roughly twice the garage floor space, allowing for far more conversion options: after all, you don’t necessarily have to convert both halves of the garage.

About Double Garage conversions

Double conversions provide a lot more space, with two doors and twice the floor space on average. Of course, this means that you have a lot more potential for the layout of the conversion, and far more ways to adapt the garage to suit your needs.

For example, you might split the double garage into two separate garage floors, then convert one of them into a living space. This leaves the other garage door and space intact. On the other hand, you might remove both of the original garage doors and turn it into a single larger space, depending on your needs.

Partial Garage Conversions Coulsdon

Partial conversions are any conversion project where you don’t actually convert the whole space – like the double garage example earlier. You might add a small shower room or storage space to a garage without changing the overall purpose of the garage itself.

About Partial conversions

Partial conversions are quick and easy compared to full conversions, at least unless you’re trying to make a long-term living space. Simpler changes, like converting a garage to have an extra store room, can be surprisingly simple as long as you have the floor space for it.

What matters more is when you need it to be liveable. If you want to add a living room to your garage, then the living area needs to follow the same standards as a house, which might mean converting the entire garages’ walls and roofing anyway. However, there’s nothing stopping you from keeping the bulk of the garage as it already was.

Coulsdon Garage Conversion Cost

The cost of converting a garage can be highly variable. The average garage conversion costs in Coulsdon hover somewhere around the £5,000 to £10,000 mark, but converting your garage can be a very different process for each person that attempts it.

It’s important to remember that converting a garage involves multiple important steps. Installing a damp-proof course, adding concrete slab flooring, adding underfloor heating, and installing a new separate consumer unit – these things all add to the costs of the conversion.

Beyond that, it depends on the scope of the conversions. Changing an integrated garage into another room for your existing house is somewhat easy, but a full-building project for converting your garage into a separate building entirely is a lot more costly.

Type of Garage ConversionEstimated Cost Range
Attached Garage Conversions£10,000 – £30,000
Integral Garage Conversions£15,000 – £40,000
Detached Garage Conversions£20,000 – £45,000
Double Garage Conversions£30,000 – £60,000
Partial Garage Conversions£5,000 – £15,000

Garage Conversion Plans

Like any building project in Coulsdon, converting a garage requires good planning. Even a single garage is going to need you to think about details like external ground-level access options, the final floor covering material, and even giving the garage its own miniature circuit breaker.

We can provide the planning support you need to get your conversion underway. Our experts know how to plan a project like this, and are experienced in planning out complex bespoke conversion projects.

Your plan needs to account for things like external door options, an alternative escape route for emergencies, how the old garage door can open (if you’re keeping it), and how the conversion interacts with the rest of the house. Additional work, like a loft conversion or structural changes, can require in-depth planning as well.

Do I Require an Architect for a Garage Conversion?

There isn’t usually a legal requirement for you to have an architect, but it can often be helpful to have one on standby anyway. The same can be said for a structural engineers, although they become more important if you’re making structural changes to the garage.

However, architects’ drawings are sometimes important for getting planning permission. Our own Coulsdon specialists include professional architects that can support your work as needed, creating accurate and well-constructed plans that can make the project easier to manage overall.

Garage Conversion Building Regulations

Converting any garage requires that you follow certain building regulations and limits. Understanding these building regulations is important for making sure that you’re creating a safe, liveable, functional space instead of just making some surface-level changes.

These building regulations exist to make sure that you aren’t creating a room that’s unsuitable for its own purposes, such as a bedroom with no natural lighting or proper ventilation. We can walk you through the building regulations that apply to your Coulsdon conversion, including pointing out any building regulations that may be violated in your initial plan.

House Types That We Offer Garage Conversions For

We can offer conversion work for any kind of house, but the available options and relevant building regulations will still change depending on how your home is structured. A large part of planning a conversion is taking these kinds of details into account.

Bungalow Garage Conversions Coulsdon

Bungalow homes can get basically any garage conversion. While they lack a second floor, this can actually make certain conversions slightly easier, especially if the garage is integrated into your home.

Detached House Conversions Coulsdon

A detached house – like a detached garage – has a lot of potential. This added flexibility means that detached homes are often the best for large-scale bespoke conversion work since there’s a huge array of different ways to modify a garage into an entirely new area.

Semi-Detached House Conversions Coulsdon

Semi-detached houses are slightly less flexible, but can still receive all garage conversion types. The only real limitation is the fact that your home is connected to another home, which can sometimes become an issue if the buildings are connected via the garages.

Terraced House Conversions Coulsdon

Terraced houses are the most limited, since the entire row of houses is connected together. This means that certain conversion options aren’t going to be practical – and that proper planning is far more important since you need to avoid altering any part of other people’s homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to remove a garage door or multiple garage doors?

You can retain your garage door if you prefer. Many people prefer to keep them for hobby or exercise spaces so that they can get easy access to sunlight and open air, while others replace them with a wall for more security and privacy.

Do you need planning permission to convert the garage into a house?

Planning permission isn’t always required in Coulsdon, since a lot of conversions are covered under permitted development rights. However, it’s always important to assume that you do need planning permission from a local authority and submit a building notice, rather than assuming that you don’t.

We can help you secure the planning permission you need, making sure that all legal documents and requirements are dealt with.

This isn’t hard – if permitted development isn’t enough, we can talk to a building control officer from your local building control department or another local authority.

A listed building or conservation area is always going to need approval from the local council. The more you can expect to see a garage conversion add, the more important approval will be for a listed building – even a simple single-garage conversion job.

Is converting a garage a good idea?

Converting any garage can be a great choice for any Coulsdon home, but it needs to be planned out well. Getting building regulations approval from your local planning authority is one thing, but even before that, you need to have an idea.

Ask yourself “why do I want to convert my garage?” before you jump into the process. Then, if you know what kind of space you’re looking for, ask yourself “how do I want to convert my garage?” A conversion without a plan or defined purpose is never going to turn out how you want it to.

Our experts can help you figure out how you want to convert your garage, whether that’s a single garage space conversion or a larger project that your garage just happens to be a part of.

Is it expensive to convert?

Garage work like this can be expensive. Installing a damp-proof course and damp-proof roof insulation might not eat into your budget that much, but there are a lot of factors to consider beyond that.

For example, are you modifying the flat roof? Are you adding new rooms? Does the garage need new wiring and plumbing? Are you adding windows? How much of the flooring are you replacing? What kind of materials are you choosing, and how much will they cost?

Even if you have a picture of a perfect garage in your head, you need to consider the practical side of the process.

Everything you do will cost money. It’s possible to keep a conversion cheaper by using alternate methods or cutting certain corners, but you need to accept that a high budget is sometimes necessary.

Our Coulsdon experts can give you a quote based on your wishes and requirements, helping you see exactly how much you should expect to pay for the process. Having a solid quote can be important for understanding how the process is going to work.

Even then, costs can change and budgets can be exceeded, so quotes are never going to be completely accurate when you consider things like switching to other future brands for certain materials.

Is it cheaper to convert a garage or build an extension?

Conversions are almost always cheaper than extensions. While a damp-proof membrane might cost a fair amount to install in your garage, an extension would require an entirely new structure to be built. Converting an existing space is simply cheaper, not to mention faster and easier.

While you’ll always find articles from one leading digital publisher or another that’s promoting cheap extension options, you usually want to convert in most situations. If you weren’t using the garage anyway, then there’s no reason to build an entirely new room instead of using it for something else.


Our Coulsdon garage experts know exactly how to get you the conversion you want, taking all building control and safety regulations into account while doing so.

We understand all of the different factors that go into conversions, whether that’s a simple floor slab replacement or an entire rework of the garage from the ground up. We can offer bespoke conversion services that are tailored to each individual client, giving them exactly what they’re looking for every single time.

Get in Touch

If you want to know more about the work that we can do, contact our Coulsdon specialists today to learn more. We have a huge range of different conversion options available, as well as the skills and tools to get the job done reliably.

The sooner you get in touch, the sooner we can look into providing you with the conversion plans and expertise that you’re looking for.

What Our Customers Say

After looking around for a good few weeks for a garage conversion company, we found National Garage Conversions. We had very specific requirements and we were doubtful that they would be met but National Garage Conversions completed the job to such a great stand. Thanks very much to their team!
Tom Fraser
National Garage Conversions are a one of a kind company. Their customer support right the way through to their conversion service is top notch and I don't think we could have been in better hands anywhere. I'd definitely recommend them and think they really are one of the best.
John Senior
I was recommended National Garage Conversions by a family member as I wanted a garage conversion. The guys at National Garage Conversions completed the job to a very high standard and I had no issues from start to finish. They kept me in the loop throughout and up to date on all of the progress.
Ellie McCoy

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